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Effortless Automotive Billboards

Lucit makes automotive billboards effortless with inventory connectivity and automatic creative generation.

First, a connection is set up to the dealer management software; the only requirement of the dealer for setup is a single email authorizing the export. Then they are able to choose what types of vehicles they’d like to promote, examples include:

· Only used vehicles

· Vehicles between $20,000 - $50,000

· Only vehicles with under 100,000 miles

The rules can be based on any variation of the vehicle data including price, mileage, used or new, brand, color, body style, etc.

3, 4 or 5 (up to the dealer) vehicles ads that fit the set rule will automatically run on the billboard. As vehicles are sold, they will be automatically removed. As prices or photos change, the billboards will reflect those updates.

teal abstract Billboard with a car on it in front of a cloudy sky
Inventory Creative Automatically Generated by Lucit

Dealers LOVE this because they are busy. They want to be able to promote their vehicles on the big screens, but they don’t always have the time to manage it. Offer your local dealers effortless automotive billboards


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