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Engagement allows OOH to compete with other mediums

ENGAGEMENT is key. Advertisers can engage with their advertising on nearly every other medium that they spend on. The OOH industry needs to find a way to offer them as similar of an experience as they’re used to with all of their other ad buys.

Lucit provides advertisers engagement with their digital billboard campaigns in various ways.

1. Notifications Advertisers receive various notifications that remind them that this a living, breathing campaign, worthy of their spend. These notifications include your ad has received its first play, an inventory item has SOLD, weekly stats notifications, etc.

2. Statistics Advertisers can open Lucit at any time, from anywhere, and see real-time statistics such as ‘last play 1 minute ago.’ The analytics page shows play and impression breakdowns in various formats including by individual creatives.

3. Control Advertisers have full control of their digital billboard campaign. They can post an ad by choosing a photo and caption, upload full-size creatives, add and remove inventory to rotation, and invite others that they wish to share control with.


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