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Engagement Will Transform the OOH Industry

Engagement is the key to transforming the OOH industry. Advertisers engage with nearly every form of advertising that they use, aside from OOH…until Lucit.

Engagement with Lucit

  1. Notifications. Advertisers receive various notifications reminding them their campaign is live and its working. These notifications include weekly statistics, first play notifications for each ad, or when inventory items have sold, making the advertiser feel like the OOH campaign played a role in the sale.

  2. Statistics. Advertisers can open Lucit any time, anywhere and see real-time analytics such as ‘last play a few seconds ago.’ The analytics section of Lucit shows plays and impressions breakdowns in various formats such as length of time and individual creatives.

  3. Control. Advertisers have full control of their digital billboard campaign. They can post an ad with a photo and caption, upload full-size creatives, automatically generate creatives with their inventory connectivity, control ad frequency, and schedule creatives.

Why Engagement is Key

  1. Compete. Engagement is key in OOH to compare with all other advertising forms that engage with advertisers. They are constantly seeing clicks, likes, leads, etc. OOH needs to provide them as similar an experience as possible to keep them happy with their Out of Home spend.

  2. Remind. Reminding them of their campaign, makes them feel that their spend is working and keeps the campaign fresh in their mind. Advertisers that are rarely reminded of their campaign throughout the length of the contract, are less likely to renew or increase their spend.

  3. Reinforce.  Constantly reinforce their decision to buy DOOH as all other advertising forms are constantly reinforcing their spend with them. Just as they see clicks and likes with Facebook, they need reinforcement of their OOH spend in the form of plays and impressions.

To start onboarding your digital screens, get set up with a Lucit representative.


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