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Eric Kubischta discusses AI in the OOH space

Eric, our Chief Technology Officer here at Lucit, has plenty to say about the potential benefits of the newest advancements in artificial intelligence and what they might mean for the Out of Home industry. He says:

"The applications for this tech are enormous. Generating creatives from these tools is not just a possibility, it will (and is) happening. For mundane, run of the mill, generic creatives (which so much of advertising is) – These tools will eventually completely automate these processes.If you could give the power of automatically generating great looking creatives to your customers….would you? – If something that used to take 14 emails, 4 people involved, and 16 days of back and forth to complete, now can be done by an AI in a few seconds – Is this a good thing?"

To read more and here what other industry leaders have to say check out the full article at

Eric Kubischta
Eric Kubischta


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