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Every Gun Store in Your Area Should Be on Digitals

Advertising for gun shops has become increasingly difficult as different platforms have banned the sale of firearms or put strict guidelines in place, including Facebook, Instagram, and Google.

With 3 of the top advertising platforms out, gun shops have advertising dollars to spend elsewhere. Make sure they know why billboards should be their top choice.

Lucit can help solidify billboards as the obvious choice for firearms dealers by allowing them to easily advertise their inventory. They can choose an inventory template, like the one below from an active Lucit client, and generate creatives from their phone whenever they wish.

Kaufman’s takes full advantage of the post feature by not only posting inventory, but also, posting sales/specials and general advertising like “We’ll buy your collection!”

Reach out today if you’d like to partner with a Lucit representative as you pitch your local gun shops.


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