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Get Sports Fans On Your Screens

Get sports fans on your screens. With Lucit, local sports teams can promote upcoming games, live game scores, and a real-time fan cam on your screens!

Promote Upcoming Games

Lucit will connect to any sophisticated online game/event schedule and automatically generate creatives based on the schedule. Sports teams will be able to add/remove any games/events to run in rotation by clicking a plus or trash icon. As games/events occur or are scheduled, they are automatically added or removed from Lucit. As time or date changes occur, those changes are automatically updated in Lucit.

Promote Live Game Scores

Lucit will reflect live game scores on screens all over town. As each team scores, the digital screens will automatically update with the real-time score. Get the whole community involved in the game! Once the game ends, the sports team can choose how long they want the ending score to continue to run on the screens before it is automatically removed from rotation.

Real-time FAN CAM

Have you ever seen the kiss cam at sports games? Use Lucit to have a fan cam! Run a QR code on the screen in the stadium for fans to scan, take a photo, and someone on the back-end can choose which fans to run on the screen. Fans will go crazy over this!

Schedule a meeting today with a Lucit representative and your local sports team. You handle the screens side of things, and we will answer any and all questions about how the software works and what it can do for them.


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