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Grow Your Business

“Nothing ever stays the same and that makes people uncomfortable. It makes people dig deep. That’s when growth happens in every aspect of your life. Your business should be no different.” Lucit Cofounder and CEO, Gina Gordon

Many operators are set in their ways; they have the way to sell screen space, pitch advertisers, and send campaign statistics. The mindset of ‘why fix what isn’t broken?’ doesn’t work in business. The key to success is to continue to evolve as the industry does.

Old Way of doing things

  1. Send a PDF of campaign statistics monthly, after-the-fact

  2. Schedule creatives for the advertiser

  3. No inventory connectivity, because the amount of work involved wouldn’t make sense

  4. Static content on digital screens

  5. Provide the advertiser minimal control over their content

  6. Contacting the sales rep is the only way to generate content for the screens


Evolved Way of doing things

  1. Real-time analytics available at the advertisers’ fingertips and weekly automatic statistics notifications

  2. Advertiser can schedule their own creatives for any day(s)

  3. Automatic generation of creatives with inventory connectivity

  4. Truly dynamic digital

  5. Provide the advertiser complete control over their content in an easy, efficient manner

  6. Various ways to generate content including posting an ad with just a photo and caption 

Lucit is transforming the DOOH industry. Don’t be the last to evolve.


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