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Hotels, Motels, Inns, & Resorts: Get Them On Your Screens

Did you know that hotels can connect their room booking availability to digital screens too? From live updates on specific room prices, to promotion of key amenities, hotels have a plethora of advertising options.

Promote open rooms with a Booking Template. Lucit connects to room availability from the hotel website and automatically generates creatives based on current available rooms. As changes occur, such as price or room type, they are automatically updated by Lucit.

Enjoy creative flexibility with a Post Template. Click + POST, then simply upload a photo and type a caption. With this feature, clients can advertise their diverse list of amenities: continental breakfast, free Wi-Fi, access to a fitness center, pool, hot tub, local tourist spots, etc. The post template can also be used to promote events, conference rooms, or in-house catering. Easily showcase a recent wedding reception at a hotel by simply uploading a picture and typing a caption!

Employee Recognition & Recruitment. Lucit allows clients to feature a current hotel employee or start a hiring campaign on the big screen. Upload a stock image or easily snap a picture of hotel staff and add a caption. There is no need for them to email you about the content change or once the position has been filled,

they just open the app and click the trash icon.


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