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How to schedule Lucit in Apparatix with Live Link

If you have an older version without Live Link, use this help doc: How To Schedule Lucit in Apparatix


Important Concepts

The Apparatix system has a tight integration with the Lucit platform allowing you to schedule Lucit campaigns with Live Link.



  1. Apparatix Support Team has enabled Live Link on your Apparatix Installation

  2. Apparatix Support team has provided Lucit Support team with your company’s Contract Prefix Code

  3. You have scheduled the Contract / Posting in Apparatix


In Lucit

  • Login to Lucit, and make sure you are in the Operator account you manage by checking on the top right corner of the screen.

  • Click Campaigns.

  • Scroll down and find the campaign you with to link.

  • Click Link Player

  • Under the first section called “Apparatix (Live Link)”, Click the Copy to copy the Live Link URL.


In Apparatix

  • Go to the File Manager.

  • Click the Create Live Link button.

  • Paste in the URL that was copied from Lucit.

  • Type a file name - Typically: "Client Name - Lucit".

  • Click Create.

Once this is complete, you can schedule this campaign just like any other creative.



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