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If they have an Instagram, they’ll buy your billboards

Lucit makes advertising on screens as EASY and as EXCITING as posting to Instagram.

Find any local business in your area that has a business Instagram or Facebook page that they frequently post to. There are tons of use cases but some common stores are pet, clothing, jewelry, gun, and book.

Go to them and tell them they can post to a billboard, just like they do to their Instagram. Before the campaign starts, all they have to do is work with your graphic designer on a post template with dynamic areas for photos and text. Once the campaign starts, they can go in at any time to update their content, as they would to Instagram. They hit +post, choose a photo, type a caption, and a creative is generated for their screen campaign.

Pets and gun stores should be an easy pitch, as billboards are one of the few advertising mediums that they are limited to.

Reach out for a zoom training, a zoom refresher, or to partner with a Lucit sales representatives in pitching some of your local retail stores.


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