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Inventory Sells Inventory – Why your Creative Matters


Branding is great. Branding is important. But, I would argue, does the customer care about your logo, your brand, your franchise? Inventory sells inventory, plain and simple. Branding is ESSENTIAL for a new business, for a business that changed names, or for a business that is in an ad contract and has no other creative ready (hello, backup generic branding image).

We have seen a 200% increase in CTRs on ads that are promoting a SPECIFIC vehicle in your inventory rather than just a lease vehicle or your brand. Why? Because when you show a consumer the actual inventory (real time), it becomes much more interesting than a lease offer or just a “come see us, we will ALWAYS give you the best price”.

Everyone has a lease offer and everyone has the best price and everyone has the best customer service…….The PRODUCT is what the we consume. Why do you think the McDonald’s semi has giant, so-real-looking-you-can-almost- taste -them fries on it? People purchase the tangible (or edible) goods. Or maybe a guy has been mulling over a specific truck that he wants, he drives past this billboard and sees that it is in stock on your lot right now….would an ad with just your brand have the same effect on him?

People are consuming so much media, so quickly. You need to catch their eye in 2 seconds. Tease them with an image of something they may want. Target that image appropriately. Target women. Target men. Target geographical areas, but for heaven’s sake show them something they can buy. Inventory sells inventory. Period.


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