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Lucit Is Just As Much, If Not More, For The Operator Than The Advertiser

Lucit is just as much, if not more, for the operator than the advertiser.

Lucit saves operators thousands of labor hours per year.

Automatic creative generation saves graphic designers the time of continously designing new creatives; advertisers have constantly changing content without any additional work of a graphic designer. This also saves the labor hours of the account executive who no longer has to communicate back-and-forth with advertisers for changing content, advertisers can easily change their content without the help of an account executive. Real-time analytics allow advertisers to see the statistics for their campaigns whenever they wish, no need for account executives to send unaesthetic PDFs at the end of each month.

Lucit is a valuable tool to provide advertisers, but it’s just as valuable to operator teams.

Contact us to find out how you can utilize Lucit on all your digital screens and save your team thousands of labor hours per year.


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