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Lucit partners with Starion to help power their digital billboard campaigns.

Bismarck, ND 5/2023 --- Lucit is proud to announce that Starion, a family-owned supercommunity bank, has begun using Lucit to enhance its digital billboard campaigns on Newman and iDigital screens.

Lucit is a cutting-edge tool that enables businesses to easily create and manage their digital billboard creatives. By leveraging Lucit, Starion Bank will be able to create more targeted and personalized ad campaigns for their screens. They'll be able to create billboard campaigns as easily and effectively as their social media ones.

“Partnering with Lucit has given us more freedom than we've ever had in our billboards. Eric and Gina are visionaries, and Lucit is a solution that allows companies like Starion Bank to take our billboard marketing from traditional to cutting edge," says Donnell Dennis, Marketing Communications Manager VP at Starion Bank.

Lucit's advanced analytics and reporting features will also enable Starion Bank to gain deeper insights into the performance of its ad campaigns, allowing the bank to optimize its marketing efforts and achieve even better results in the future.

Lucit's CEO, Gina Gordon says: "Donnell has a keen ability to know “what’s next” in marketing and embraces new technology so this is very exciting for Lucit and for Starion bank moving forward."

About Lucit Founded in 2019, The Lucit platform allows customers to view, post, edit, manage, and schedule their digital billboard creatives in real-time from their desktop or phone and brings connectivity to Automotive, Real Estate, and eCommerce systems by automatically generating creatives from data.

About Starion Focused on small-town, midwest values, Starion Bank in North Dakota and Wisconsin, offers valuable personal and business banking services including checking accounts, savings accounts, mortgages, personal loans, merchant services, insurance services, and more.

About IDigital iDigital is a local, innovative, out-of-home media company based in North Dakota. They work one-on-one with companies to develop innovative advertising campaigns that make a difference. Locally owned, on the grow, and working hard to create the largest independent network of digital billboards in the Midwest, their mission is to install digital billboards in high-visibility, well-traveled corridors, and city streets, allowing clients to make the most impact possible with their money.

About Newman For over 60 years, Newman Signs has been building distinguished, visible signs for the private and public sectors. They specialize in traffic, urban and outdoor advertising. Over the years, They have grown their business to serve the continental United States and Alaska, with a heavy focus in the Upper Midwest.


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