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Measurement Ensures Digital Screens are Included in the Advertising Budget

Recently, Lucit Cofounder and CEO, Gina Gordon, was featured as an expert panelist on the COMMB Toronto “Let’s Talk Automotive” event.

She was joined by Christine Smith, Head of Marketing Hyundai Canada and Jason Harris, Digital Dealership Solutions to discuss the current state of the automotive industry and what it needs from OOH.

Hosted by Amanda Dorenberg, President of Canadian Out Of Home Marketing & Measurement Bureau and Jason Feifer Editor in Chief of Entrepreneur Magazine.

Below is one of the questions along with Gina’s response from the talk.

Question: I know you leverage a lot of automation within your platform and your tactics that you’re working with some of the dealers, do you want to talk a little bit about how you’re working in the automation component and sort of the programmatic piece?

Gina’s Response: For Out-of-Home and for auto dealers, measurement is huge. Automotive brands have been catered to for forever, ever since advertising began they’ve been catered to. Tech was built around them, all the online marketing was built around them first, clients tried to sell them first, what this means is that the automotive industry is no stranger to these analytics and really what the Out-of-Home industry needs to do is to step up and provide them a similar experience as they’re getting from every other medium that they buy; that tech exists. They need to provide them with engagement, the ability to engage with their digital billboard campaigns, real-time analytics, and truly dynamic digital. That’s what we provide is this truly dynamic digital where we have a connection, think AutoTrader, Car Gurus, things like that, we connect right into that, we bring in this inventory and all the data real-time, so as it changes in the dealear management software, the creatives are updated every minute on the Out-of-Home screens. These auto dealers then can run hundreds, thousands of creatives, and they can control it all like a remote control from their phone. That’s really what we bring to the table and what we think is how we’re going to be able to win over those auto dealers, because Out-of-Home isn’t just long-term branding and it shouldn’t be seen that way. It can compete; it’s not going to be Facebook, it doesn’t need to be. It’s not going to be Google, but it can be what it is and it’s very special anyway.

A summary of Gina’s questions and responses, and a video of the full talk can be found here.


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