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Meeting with a dealer inventory manager - 3 tips to make the sale

Have a meeting with an auto dealer inventory manager? Make the sale.

A car salesman in a suit sells a car to lovely mixed race couple
Car Salesman Showing a Car

1. Speak their language. One simple sentence that any auto dealer would resonate with is:

“We can connect to your dealer management software and automatically generate creatives on your current vehicle inventory on our screens.”

They do it on their website, on sales websites like auto trader, they will know what you’re talking about and appreciate the capability that they have on most other forms of advertising they spend on.

2. Offer constant control. Whether they choose to use it to the full extent or not, dealers value control. Let them know they will be able to upload full-size creatives, promote current inventory, and post ads with just a photo and caption whenever they want, wherever they want.

3. They’re busy, respect their time. The decision-makers at auto dealerships are often busy and want to start a campaign in the easiest way possible. Let them know they can have vehicle connectivity and complete campaign control by simply authorizing the export and choosing a template.

Two men in business suits shaking hands over a contract
Seal the Deal

Stop overcomplicating it. Follow these simple steps, make it easy for the dealers, and you will make the sale.


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