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Realty brokerages are a slam dunk sale with Lucit!

Lucit allows sales reps to say all the right things to get realty brokerages excited about billboards.

Promote Your Properties

What does every real estate agent have in common? They promote their currently available listings. They will be thrilled to find out that you connect to their MLS and allow them to promote their properties on your screens in an easy, automated way.

Billboard advertising a $750k house for sale by Jen Hansen of  Blue River Real Estate
Property Inventory Listing

Put Your Face on A Billboard

Agents plaster their faces all over every advertising buy that they make. They absolutely want to put their face on your big screen, but they want to do it in a way that allows them to easily change their content anytime, anywhere.

Image of a realtor promoting property estimates
Business Card Creative

Promote Your Happy Clients

Pull up any realtor’s social media and you will see them congratulating new homeowners that they’ve helped. Tell them they can be the agent that puts people on billboards to congratulate them on their new home!

Blue River Real Estate billboard showing a young mom, dad, and baby in front of a new house that says "congratulations on your new home, Johnson family!"
Customer Appreciation Post Template

Control At Every Level

The brokerage can control which agents are allowed what percentage of the campaign. Each individual agent can only see and control their own listings. Creative, content, frequency and schedule control is available at every level.

Two phones with screenshots of Lucit's frequency filter one for brokerage level control and one for realtor level control
Control at the brokerage OR individual agent level

"My brand and creativity are precious to me. Lucit has given me the freedom to advertise and share on an entirely new scale with the easy click of a button. With so much creative freedom and control, I now consider my digital billboards akin to my social media and perhaps an even more powerful platform." - Paisley Kelly


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