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Retail clothing store creates billboard ads on-the-fly

Snap a photo, add a title, and Lucit generates the creative and schedules it automatically.  No ads to load for your traffic team.  No back/and/forth with your graphic designer for every single ad change.

Advertising on digital billboards with the Lucit app is as easy and as fast as posting to Instagram or Facebook.

Ronnie’s Clothing & Shoes is using Lucit on Durden Outdoor digitals to promote products from within their store.  

They can create new ads whenever they want and can add/remove items on-the-fly.

Because the app is interactive, the client is logging into the app to adjust their creatives, add/remove items, and view their analytics.

Lucit keeps your customers engaged with their billboard advertising.

Here are a few creatives that Ronnie’s ran recently using Lucit – These were all generated by the customer using the Lucit app.

Contact us to learn more about Lucit and what it can do for your customers

See the app in action and see how Lucit can be used to add photos and captions to billboard ads Contact Lucit for more information.

Learn more about Ronnie’s at

Learn more about Durden Outdoor at

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