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SignBird and Lucit Join Together to Deliver High-Quality Creative Proofs With Lucit XR

February 9th, 2023

Lucit XR is a game-changing new tool intended to allow billboard owners and agencies to easily create a proof that mirrors how their ad will appear in the real world. Using this new system to bring advertisements to life makes proofs more accessible to everyone, helping to inspire your clients. The visuals created by Lucit XR become even more immersive when paired with SignBird photography.

“Quality SignBird photos taken by our team of professionals will be a game-changer for the Lucit XR product and its users", says John James, Founder of SignBird. “We are very excited for this partnership with a company who is pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the out-of-home space. SignBird and Lucit will be achieving better results for our clients with this partnership.”

Eric Kubischta, CTO of Lucit added to the conversation, saying, “Lucit XR brings creative proofs to life. And the best way to present creatives is atop high-quality location images from SignBird. When you present your creatives to your clients, present them as they will look in real life. SignBird helps make that happen with the best sign imagery in out of home.”

Lucit XR featuring SignBird photography seems a natural fit. If you’d like to try Lucit XR now, visit or learn more at

About SignBird

SignBird partners with billboard companies all over the United States equipping them to sell more billboard ad space with professional drone video and photos, approach photos, ride sheets, web design, and more.

About Lucit

Founded in 2019, The Lucit platform allows customers to view, post, edit, manage, and schedule their creatives in real-time from their desktop or phone, and brings connectivity to Automotive, Real Estate, and eCommerce systems by automatically generating creatives from data.


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