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The Golden Ticket to More Advertisers

Live music is always better. Do you know what else is better? The ability to showcase LIVE digital updates of those concert tickets that a venue is trying to get out the door.

Why use Lucit to advertise tickets on your screens?

Concert venues and 3rd party sellers can benefit from utilizing Lucit because of its ability to update data in REAL TIME.

Concert Ticket Templates:

  1. Save the Date

  2. Seat Availability

  3. Section/Seat/Price

Save the Date Template

Lucit connects to back-end ticket management software (or website) and automatically generates creatives based on upcoming concerts.

Seat Availability

Need to get those tickets out the door? Spike demand by advertising how many tickets remain and are currently available for purchase. Lucit automatically updates the number of remaining tickets so that customers can count on a reliable number.


Invite customers to visualize their concert experience through the digital campaign. This template rotates through specific seats (and their current price!) that are still available for a concert.


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