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The NEW WAY Auto Dealers Are Standing Out From Competition

Auto dealers are using Lucit to stand out from competitors by putting their customers on the big screens.

What is Lucit?

Lucit is a digital billboard software that can be used with your current digital billboard campaign, or can be used to start a new digital billboard campaign. Lucit connects to back-end inventory management software and automatically generates billboard creatives with real-time inventory data, and allows dealerships to post ads to billboards with just a photo and caption.

How Does Lucit Help Auto Dealers Stand Out?

With Lucit, auto dealers can put their happy customers on the big screens in their community. It’s fun for the customers, fun for the sales reps, and gets the attention of the community. All the sales reps or one individual at the dealership has a login to Lucit where they can click +Post, choose the customer photo, type the customer name, and a creative is generated and sent to the billboard.

How To Be the First Dealership In Your Market Doing This?

Contact us and let us know if you have a current campaign or are looking to start a new one


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