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This Industry is Full of Money to Spend On Advertising

Political campaigns have huge budgets allocated to advertising. If you are not ensuring that your screens are a piece of that budget, you are missing out.

Why they should buy digital screen campaigns:

Easily Promote Campaign News. Lucit will connect to the news page of any political or campaign website, and automatically generate creatives based on current news headlines. They are able to add/remove the headlines they wish to run in rotation by clicking a plus or trash icon. As headlines are added/removed to the news page, they are automatically added/remove from Lucit. As changes occur, such as headline or photo changes, they are automatically updated in Lucit.

Content Should Change As Quickly As the Political Climate changes. The political climate is constantly changing, as should the content on dynamic digital billboards. With Lucit, your political advertisers’ teams can click +Post, choose a photo, type a caption, and update their content on the fly. They never know when the political climate is going to change, so the ability to update their content from their phone anywhere, at any time, is valuable.

Why you should pitch your screens to them:

Guarantee Revenue Each Election Period. Find out what will fit in the campaign budget and offer a number of plays for that budget. It may not be the big spend that you would like, but you have guaranteed revenue each election period. When the next campaign budget is being prepared, your screens will be a piece of that budget. During the next election period you will be their go-to rep, not local competitors they don’t have a relationship with yet. Build that relationship to guarantee future revenue.

How you can guarantee success:

Real-time Politics Need Real-Time Analytics. Everything in the political world is real-time. They must stay on top of the happenings in the world and respond in real-time, so they need advertising mediums that accommodate that by providing real-time analytics, and an easy way to promote real-time content. With Lucit, they will receive real-time notifications when creatives receive their first play, when headlines are removed, etc., reminding them that their campaign is active and relevant, reinforcing their decision to continue to buy DOOH. They can promote real-time content through automatic connections to their website, and the ability to upload full-size creatives or post new creatives by just choosing a photo and a caption.

Review the messaging before it hits your screens. Lucit offers an approval system with automated and manual variants that allows operators to review any messaging before it hits the screens. All ad data flows through the Lucit Moderation Engage and AI ad approval system, but there is an additional manual option that operators can choose to elect on an overall, or a client-by-client basis. If elected, all creatives will be put into a queue once posted, the elected ad approver will be notified, and they will be able to go in, see the creative, and choose to approve or reject. Creatives pending approval can be elected to play on the screens until they’ve been approved or rejected, or remain pending until they’ve been vetted.

Whether you have questions about how Lucit works, are looking for some more inspiration on advertisers to pitch to and how, or you have a new client ready to go with Lucit, Contact us. We are here to help. 


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