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Using Lucit’s Frequency Filter

“This is my favorite feature of the Lucit app”, says CEO Gina Gordon, “Giving users such a simple interface to control such an important part of a large-scale advertising campaign is a game-changer”

Allow your clients to decide which creatives get seen more or less often.

This capability is found in the Lucit smartphone app alongside a client’s inventory. The app user can move a slider to determine which ads they would like played more or less often, eliminating the need for OOH Traffic Teams to adjust scheduling weights and frequencies for clients that are using the Lucit application.

Why would a client want this capability?

Realtors may want to run a million-dollar home more often than they run a lower-priced listing. Auto dealers may want to give more time to a vehicle that is aged 90 days on the lot or has had a recent price drop, Retail stores can push inventory related to special sales at a higher frequency. All of this can be managed through the app meaning it can be changed on the go!

Watch the video below to learn how to use it.

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