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You have questions; we have answers.

Here are some commonly asked questions explained:

Is Lucit only for real estate brokerages and automotive dealerships?

Absolutely not. Although it is the perfect fit for real estate and automotive, Lucit is for everyone. Every advertiser should have real-time access to proof-of-play reporting. Inventory connectivity is not limited to ‘inventory’ in the way that automotive would think of it. Lucit can connect to news stations to display news headlines, clinics to promote appointment availability, grocery stores or restaurants to share specials… the list goes on. The ability to post ads with just a photo and caption covers everything else from advertisers who don’t have an automatic way to promote their inventory, to advertisers who want to change their content on the fly.

What is a ‘template’?

A template is a creative with static and dynamic fields that allow advertisers to easily generate new content. The static fields like the advertiser’s logo, address, motto, etc. are a static part of the creative, they are always there. The dynamic fields change for each individual creative generated from the template. An auto dealer would have a vehicle template with dynamic areas for vehicle photo, price, and title; the dynamic areas are filled in with dealer management software for each creative generated. A retail store could have a post template with dynamic areas for a photo and text; the dynamic areas are filled in manually as the advertiser clicks +Post, chooses a photo, and types a caption. A news station would have a headline template with dynamic areas for the news headline and photo; the dynamic areas are filled in with the station’s website for each creative generated.

There are 3 potential templates an advertiser could have. An inventory template is to promote the advertiser’s inventory like vehicles, real estate listings, news headlines, clinic appointment’s, etc. A post template is to promote anything the advertiser wishes with just a photo and caption. A business card template is specifically for real estate brokerages, to promote agents through the MLS connection.

What if I don’t have time to manage my campaign?  

Lucit has great options for advertisers who don’t have time to manage their campaigns. Weekly statistics notifications will remind them that their campaign is a living, breathing campaign and will reinforce their decision to buy DOOH without them having to do a thing. Automatic inventory connectivity with set parameters allows advertisers to promote their inventory without having to manually manage it. For example, an auto dealer can choose to promote all used vehicles from $10,000 – $30,000.

How should I charge Lucit back to my advertisers?        

Lucit should be accounted for as an administrative cost as player software or Microsoft office would be. Lucit will increase revenue, renewals, and overall campaign satisfaction. Take the cost on as an operator, give Lucit to every single advertiser, and you will be guaranteed to make your money back.

Do you still have questions? We are happy to answer them.


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