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What To Put On Your Dealership Sign

Make the most out of your automotive on-premise digital sign to drive more customers through your door.

1. Vehicle inventory. Connect your dealer management software so you can automatically run your current inventory, just like you do online, but on your digital sign. As your dealer management software changes things like photos and prices, and adds or removes vehicles, the sign will automatically reflect these changes.

2. Your Customers. With just a photo and some text, share your happy customers. This accomplishes 2 things, it makes your customers happy and it makes others want to buy a new car too.

3. Promote time-sensitive content. Whether it's a sale or a hiring campaign, schedule time-sensitive ads to start and stop on certain dates so you don't have to worry about managing them.

You invested in a digital sign for your dealership, make sure you are efficiently using your asset to make your dealership more money.


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