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Why Operator Professionals Love Lucit

Let’s talk about why different operator professionals love Lucit.

Operator Schedulers: LESS WORK. At the start of a Lucit campaign, the Lucit dynamic feed is scheduled for the length of the contract. From there, creatives are taken care of inside Lucit. No additional scheduling is required.

Operator Account Executives: LESS WORK. Once advertisers have control of their digital campaigns, they no longer need to contact the account executive for creative changes, creative scheduling, new content, stats, etc. They will receive stats and notifications of SOLD items, keeping them engaged and happy with their digital spend, without the account executive having to email back and forth with them throughout the entire campaign.

Operator Graphic Designers: LESS WORK. At the start of a Lucit campaign, 1-3 dynamic templates are designed. From there, creatives are generated through Lucit. No additional design is required.


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