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You Wouldn’t Sell a Car You’ve Never Seen…

You wouldn’t sell a car you’ve never seen, so why would you try to sell a software that you’ve never seen?

Make life easier for everyone and sell the concept of Lucit with a demo. There are a few ways that you could go about this.

  1. Use a generic demo. Visit or pull up the mobile app on your device. Switch to a demo account relevant to the advertiser you are pitching. Emerald Auto is a great fit if you are pitching an automotive dealership. Real Estate Global is a great fit if you are pitching a real estate brokerage or agent. Betty’s Baubles is a great fit if you are pitching an advertiser who will take advantage of the post feature that allows them to post ads by choosing a photo and typing a caption. These are demo accounts meant for you to play around in. You can upload full-size creatives, post ads to a template with just a photo and caption, control ad frequency, schedule creatives, view real-time analytics, all as you would do for a live  digital screen campaign. If these accounts are not accessible to you, please email to get your access set up.

  2. Use a demo specific to each advertiser. Visit or pull up the mobile app on your device. Click ‘Add Account.’ Enter the account information relevant to the advertiser you are pitching with ‘demo for pitch’ in the comment section. Have your graphic designer create a template for that advertiser and we will get the demo account set up with fake data for you to use for your pitch, rather than using a generic demo.

  3. Use a zoom demo. Email to schedule a time that works best for you and the advertiser. Gina will work with you in pitching the concept to the advertiser. This is the ideal option, time and schedule permitting.

Email to get access to Lucit demo accounts, or to schedule a Lucit training refresher. Email to schedule a joint pitch.


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