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3 Lucit Tips to Secure EVERY Renewal

1. Transparency

Allow your client to access their digital billboard campaign anytime, anywhere. Give them up-to-the-minute proof-of-play reporting, right on their phone.

2. Continuous reinforcement

of your client’s decision to buy. Sending your clients automatic notifications whenever something sells on their DOOH campaign, reminds them that their out-of-home campaign is working. This reinforces their decision to have bought and heavily influences renewals. It also increases client engagement to a level never seen in this industry.

3. Truly dynamic digital

Until recently, a DOOH campaign was nothing more than changing an ad maybe once or twice a month… and all of that requires unnecessary back and forth, and work by both you and the client. Give them a living, breathing, CHANGING campaign, connected to their inventory, updated hourly, and able to generate hundreds of different creatives a week.

Be a player In this growing ooh tech world. Offer your clients all of the technical capabilities that are available to them to make their campaign more successful.


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