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A Tip for the Modern Age

Use Your Digital Billboards Like You do Social Media.

Social media is the go-to in today's day and age for every type of business, for every sort of promotion. Everyone is using these sites from their phones and laptops with anytime analytics, easy changes, and endless options... soon digital billboards begin to look obsolete. Not with Lucit. What makes Lucit the solution? With Lucit you can use billboards like you do Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

  • You can create and push creatives directly to digital billboards, in seconds, with post

  • You can see real-time analytics, whenever you want from our app

  • Advertisers have the same options they get for social media for billboards - flexibility of posts, frequency control for plays, add and delete as you want

Need more convincing? Billboards are seen by everyone, not limited to followers or managed by algorithms. So what are you waiting for? Head to to learn more!


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