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Player Apps : Choosing between Lucit V1 or V3 API

Lucit player integrations have the option of choosing between either the V1 or V3 API's when building their integrations with Lucit Dynamic creatives

Choosing which of the API's to integrate with will depend on your requirements.


Pros and Cons




  • Simpler Integration

  • Supports multiple response formats (JSON, XML, VAST, HTML)

  • Player / Scheduling software can enumerate a list of all campaigns available for scheduling

  • A scheduling UI could present a drop-down of campaigns for scheduling (from the API)

  • Accounts & Campaigns can be generated programmatically

  • Supports fetching playlists to reduce API calls and improve caching

  • Most visibility into the status of the campaign itself

  • More secure (Oauth with token and secret)


  • Accounts and Campaigns must be manually created in Lucit

  • Campaign ID’s must be manually copy and pasted from Lucit app

  • Less secure – No Oauth

  • More complex setup

  • Oauth requires the player to auth and store a bearer token

  • Supports JSON responses only

When to Use

V1 is recommended for media owners that do not run very many dynamic campaigns, or, if you have an older player cannot process JSON and must use XML

V3 is recommended for media owners that make extensive use of dynamic campaigns and want to ease the process of setting up and scheduling those campaigns


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