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Adams Outdoor Pennsylvania Launches Lucit with Rothrock Motors

Lucit Layout is powering the inventory creatives for Rothrock Motors on a series of Adams Outdoor Digital Screens in Allentown and Bethlehem Pennsylvania.

Adams Outdoor, the largest independent billboard operator in the country and the operator of the largest digital network in Eastern PA with 72 digital displays over 8 counties, is using Lucit Layout software, co-branded as Adams D3, to automatically generate over 40 digital creative images across these screens in 4 different creative sizes.

About the app, Alison Ruppe, Director of Business Development at Adams says “The Lucit tech is impressive yet simple to navigate from the user standpoint. Working with the Lucit team was seamless. Everything was delivered on time and my client is very happy! Looking forward to more campaigns with Lucit!”

This is Adams’ first integration with Lucit and Lucit’s first integration with the Scala Digital Player software used throughout their entire digital screen network. “The technical team at Adams developed an integration that allows Scala to run our feeds regardless of screen manufacturer. This particular campaign is running on Formetco and Daktronics digital screens.” says Eric Kubischta, CTO Lucit

0993440 2017 Nissan Rogue

Auto Generated Image via Lucit Layout

Rothrock’s automotive inventory data and vehicle images are provided by Homenet through Redline, and the creative templates were generated by the in-house creative team at Adams.

“We are excited about the technology Lucit has developed for the Automotive and Real Estate industries.” says Tony Cioffi, General Manager Adams Outdoor Easter PA. “It has been easy to implement into our scheduling software and customer portals too. Lucit has been extremely helpful also in training and assisting our customers and sales team. “

About Lucit

Lucit makes software that allows advertisers to dynamically control digital billboards with a smartphone app and run automatically generated creatives linked to their inventory system.

About Adams Outdoor

Adams is the largest independent OOH company in the United States, across 7 states, including Pennsylvania.

About Rothrock

Rothrock Motors is a family owned, full-service dealership for Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, and Nissan models in Allentown, PA


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