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How to add screens to an Operator account.




How to add a single or a few screens

  • Make sure you are in the operator account that you wish to update by clicking the photo in the top right corner and clicking on the correct account.

  • Select the Screens tab from the menu on the left side of the screen.

  • From here you will see all of the screens that you currently have attached to this operator account.

  • Click on the create button.

  • You will be asked a few questions about the new screen you wish to add.

  • Fill out the name, identifier, width, height, hardware and software providers, and the location.

  • Click create.


How to add multiple screens

  • If you have too many screens to add and adding them one by one would be too much, you can send a spreadsheet with this specific information for each board.

  • Using this template fill out each of the columns for each screen and send it back to us at our email.

Download XLSX • 13KB
  • For more information on what each field needs, click here.



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