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How to Schedule Lucit in Watchfire OA Ignite Player


Important Concepts

There are a number of considerations to keep in mind when using the Watchfire Player

  • Watchfire software does not support Real Time stats and data will be up to 24 hours delayed for in-app analytics

  • Frequency Control of your creatives may NOT be available (depending on your implementation choice)

  • Bandwidth could be an issue if you are running a large number of Lucit campaigns


Overview of Process

You will

  1. Create a Watchfire Advertiser Login for each advertiser using the Lucit Watchfire integration

  2. You may need to request this from Watchfire Support

  3. Lucit will provide you with the Name and Email Address to use for this login

  4. This login will need to be assigned to the campaign

  5. Create a new Dynamic Content using an RSS feed element

  6. Schedule the dynamic content to run

NOTE: You can choose to have the Lucit Traffic team create the Dynamic ad if you prefer, which we can accomplish using the Advertiser Login In many cases, this is recommended to ensure that the feed is correctly setup and attached to the creative.


  1. The Client and Campaign has already been created in the Lucit App

  2. You can see the “Player Integrations” tab on the campaign

  3. The Lucit Team has provided you with the name / email to use for your Watchfire Advertiser Login


Setup of the Lucit Campaign

Before setting up your Lucit campaign, you will need to choose which implementation type you prefer


Pros :

  • Every time the feed pulls, a new ad from Lucit will run

  • The frequency control settings set by the user are respected (e.g. If they want one ad to be 90% of rotation and another ad 10%, this will be respected)

  • Statistics in-app will be more accurate as to which specific ad ran

  • Supports campaigns containing “sub” campaigns such as Real Estate Brokerage campaigns

Cons :

  • Will use more bandwidth

  • The same ad will run for the length of your “interval” you set in your RSS feed. (e.g. If you set it to 5 minutes, the same ad will run for 5 minutes before switching)


Pros :

  • Will use less bandwidth

  • Will equally rotate through ALL ads that have been created for this campaign

Cons :

  • Frequency control settings will not be respected, all ads will run in an equal share

  • Statistics in-app will be less accurate and may not correctly show which ad ran at which time

  • Does NOT support campaigns containing “sub” campaigns such as Real Estate Brokerage campaigns


Loading the Campaign

Log into Lucit

Switch to the account that contains the campaign that you wish to load

NOTE: If you are scheduling a Real Estate brokerage campaign, or a campaign that contains multiple sub-campaigns, you only need to do this for the Parent account campaign

On the home page, scroll down and click on the campaign

Scroll down and find the section labeled “Player Integrations”

For each sign you are creating an ad for, select the correct URL (Dynamic or Rotated)

See the notes above for the difference between Dynamic or Rotated

In WatchfireOA, under Media, click Dynamic Content

Grab the “RSS/XML” feed icon and drag it onto your image canvas

Click “Add New”

Name the feed and copy / paste in the URL from the previous step (Dynamic or Rotated)

Set the Item Node to


Set the Refresh rate to

  • 5 Minutes for Dynamic

  • OR

  • 20 Minutes for Rotated

Select “Rotate Through All Items in the Feed”

Select “Item / Src” for the Elements and be sure to select “Render as an Image?”

Use the resize handles of the image to size it to fill the image area

Click “Save”

You can then Publish this dynamic creative as you would any other



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