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How to Schedule Lucit in Formetco F360


Important Concepts

The Formetco F360 system has a tight integration with the Lucit platform allowing you to schedule Lucit campaigns as easily as any other campaign that you schedule within the F360 system


Overview of Process

You will:

  1. Create your contract in F360

  2. Copy down the ID number for the Contract

  3. Attach the Contact ID number to the Lucit campaign inside of the Lucit application



  1. F360 Support Team has enabled Lucit on your F360 Installation

  2. F360 Support team has provided Lucit Support team with your company’s Contract Prefix Code

  3. The Client and Campaign has been created in Lucit

  4. You have scheduled the Contract in F360



In F360

Ensure the Campaign Type is set to “Lucit”

Then be sure to copy the CONTRACT id number that appears as we will use this number in the next step to connect the campaigns

IMPORTANT NOTE: You cannot create multiple contracts for a single Lucit campaign. It must be a single contract.

To schedule MULTIPLE segments you must EITHER :

  1. Create 1 contract with 2 segments

  2. Create 2 completely separate Advertiser accounts - One for each segment


In Lucit

  • Login to Lucit, and find the Campaign that you want to attach this contract to (On the home page, click on the name of the Campaign you wish to edit)

  • Click on the info button at the top right of the screen.

  • Find the box to enter the contract ID into, put in the contract, and click the add button next to it.

  • If a contract has ended in F360, and you want to restart, it is best to delete the old campaign/contract and create a new one to ensure it works correctly.

Once this is complete, the contract in F360 is now linked to the campaign creatives in Lucit



Contract DOES NOT show a recent datetime for Last Communication OR the Last Communication is really old (a long time ago).

One thing that helps to know what might be happening is the “Last Communication” section which shows the last time that this contract was pulled by Formetco.

In this case, it is blank meaning we have not received any pulls from Formetco for this contract ID – So, when Borges scheduled, they either:

  1. Gave the wrong contract ID.

  2. Missed a step during creating the Formetco contract.

  3. Something is wrong with Formetco side.

If this DOES show a last communication date/time that is recent (within the past), but there are no plays happening, it will be one of the following scenarios.

  1. If it has been less than 20 minutes since it started pulling the first time, wait and check again.

  2. Double check that the right screens are selected.

  3. Double check that the screen ids are correct.

  4. Double check that the campaign is not empty and has creatives.


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