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Jewelry Stores Will Advertise on Your Screens – If You Show Them What They Can Do

Jewelry stores will advertise on your screens, if you show them what they can do on them.

Use their social media as your pitch inspiration. Look at what they are posting on their business Instagram, Facebook, and/or website. Explain how they can post to a billboard the same content they are already posting, just as easily.

Pro Tip: Create a template. Set them up a demo in Lucit. Use the content from their social media to make posts. It will give them a very clear view of what they can do on your screens. See the following inspirations.

They can promote any jewelry inventory such as watches, earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, etc.


They can promote proposals and engagements from their happy customers.


They can promote special promotions such as financing or benefits available for purchase from their store.


They can promote holiday creatives or time any other time-sensitive ads such as special hours/closings, etc.



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