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Local Restaurants Need Your Screens

Local restaurants need your screens to stand out from their competition.

Choose a restaurant. Make them a post template with a transparent area for a photo, and an area to put text (example below).

Visit on a desktop computer or the Lucit mobile app on your phone. Add an account for the restaurant you’ve chosen to pitch. (Put ‘demo’ in the notes and let us know what date the pitch is so we can ensure the demo account is ready for you.)

We will reach out to you to get the demo account setup before the pitch.

Once you’re there, let them know what they can do by clicking +Post, choosing a photo, and typing a caption.

Share Open Positions

It’s no secret that we are facing a worker shortage; businesses, including restaurants, are struggling to find help. Amid this shortage, use the big screens to let locals know that you are hiring. There could be workers who hadn’t previously considered the restaurant business that might reconsider after seeing the open positions. Your restaurant will stand out among the variety of places hiring and get more attention.

Bring in the Crowd

Many restaurants will have events to draw in a crowd including things like Bingo, Trivia, Fundraisers, etc. With a post template, you can promote these events by choosing a photo, and typing a caption. You can even schedule the creative to only run up until the day of the event, and then stop automatically so you don’t have to remember to return to Lucit and remove the creative from rotation.

People want to see food and drink specials

As people are seeing prices of nearly everything rising, they want to see your food and drink specials! Present your lunch specials as they’re driving around deciding where to go for lunch. Present your drink specials as they’re driving home wanting a drink after their long day. Seeing 2-4-1 burgers could be the deciding factor of your restaurant or the one next door.

Let customers know what to expect

Take advantage of the big screens to let your customers know what to expect. Announce holiday hours like ‘take a lunch break from black friday shopping here.’ Announce irregular hours like ‘closed Sundays due to worker shortages.’ Closed due to weather? Post that on the screens without having to leave home.

Be constant in their mind

Just as out of sight out of mind is true, it is true that the more they are reminded of it, the more they will want it. Remind them you are there every single day, and they will want to stop by. If they are never being reminded that you are there, other restaurants may come to mind first.

Contact us to attend the meeting with you; we will get the advertiser sold!


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