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Lucit and Scala Collaborate to Enhance Digital Signage Solutions with Dynamic Content Management

Lucit is pleased to announce a strategic integration with Scala, a prominent provider of digital signage solutions. This collaboration brings together Lucit's innovative software and Scala's powerful digital signage platform, enabling businesses to create captivating visual experiences with seamless dynamic content management.

Lucit's software connects with advertisers' data feeds to automatically generate and update digital billboard ads that match the client's inventory. Lucit also empowers businesses to create and post digital billboard ads that can be easily updated at any time, giving clients full control over their advertising content. With Lucit's intuitive app interface, businesses can conveniently make changes and updates to their digital billboard ads, ensuring their messaging remains timely and relevant. This capability allows clients to adapt their advertising messages to align with their marketing goals, promotions, and changes in their business, all from the convenience of the app.

Scala's digital signage platform offers a comprehensive range of features and capabilities, including content management, scheduling, and real-time data integration. By integrating Lucit's dynamic advertising software with Scala's robust signage platform, businesses can leverage the power of Lucit's dynamic content management capabilities within the Scala environment. This integration provides a seamless workflow for businesses to create, manage, and display dynamic content on Scala's digital signage network.

The integration between Lucit's software and Scala's signage solutions represents a significant advancement in the industry. It empowers businesses to have complete control over their digital billboard ads, enabling them to deliver timely, relevant, and engaging content to their target audiences. This collaboration underscores Lucit and Scala's shared commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that enhance the effectiveness of digital signage.

For a full list of operators integrated with Lucit visit our Integrations page.

About Lucit:

Founded in 2019, The Lucit platform allows customers to view, post, edit, manage, and schedule their digital billboard creatives in real-time from their desktop or phone, and brings connectivity to Automotive, Real Estate, and eCommerce systems by automatically generating creatives from data.

About Scala: Scala is a prominent provider of digital signage solutions, offering a comprehensive platform for managing and delivering dynamic content on digital displays. With a focus on scalability, flexibility, and advanced features, Scala helps businesses create immersive visual experiences and engage their target audiences effectively.


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