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Lucit for Mother’s Day

5/3/22 Bismarck, ND

Lucit, in partnership with iDigital, Dakota Outdoor and Gusaas Signs, launched the “Put Your Mom On A Billboard” for Mothers Day campaign on Thursday, April 28th 2022.

In the first 72 hours over 250 people posted a picture of their mom to more than 31 digital billboard screens in 3 markets (Bismarck, Fargo and Minot)

“The response was significant” says Gina Gordon, CEO of Lucit, “without a doubt, the general public will interact with and post to digital billboards given the tools, ease of access, and a simple to use UI”

The campaign has already received lots of press from both Valley News Live and KX News locally.

For more information and to view hundreds of moms that have been posted, visit

The Mother’s Day tools were developed by Lucit and built into the evolving Lucit platform, giving operators more tools and more features to offer to their clients and their communities.


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