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Lucit’s post feature is as easy as posting to social media

Lucit’s post feature allows advertisers to post ads to their digital billboards whenever they want, as easy as they would post to social media.

Here’s how it works. At the start of their digital billboard campaign, advertisers choose a post template, like the Betty’s Baubles template in the bottom right, that has a transparent area for a photo and a blank space to insert a caption.

Whenever they want, advertisers visit the Lucit app, click post, choose a photo, type a caption and a digital billboard ad is generated in their post template.

This is a game-changer for so many situations including promoting sales, events, holidays, special promotions, happy customers, appointment availability, changing rates, hours, hiring campaigns, retail inventory without an automatic data connection, etc.

Many of these things weren’t done before, because it would be so time-consuming to go back and forth between advertiser, account executive, graphic design team, and traffic team to generate as many ads as you can do effortlessly with Lucit.


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