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Make your screens the talk of the town!

How do you find new money? Simple. You find new advertisers. How do you do that? You make your screens the talk of the town with a marketing campaign using the unsold space on your digitals.

Choose your focus. Mother’s day. International Women’s Day. Father’s Day. Veteran’s Day. Valentine’s Day. Employee Appreciation Day. Military Spouse Appreciation Day. Local Heroes Day… The list goes on. This can be any event, day, holiday, etc. that you wish to promote on your screens.

  1. Designate as much of your unsold space as you’d like to the dynamic Lucit feed for the appropriate date range relevant to your focus. Design a beautiful template with dynamic space for a photo and a caption.

  2. Post on social media how people in your area can put their mom on a billboard for Mother’s Day , Dad for Father’s day, a Vet, etc.  in their area for FREE. In the post, provide them simple directions –> Visit Lucit. Sign up with a promo code. Click +post. Choose a photo of your mom. Type your mom’s name. Tada.

  3. Market it! 1 of a million ways to make your screens the talk of the town

  1. Share on business and employees’ personal social media accounts

  2. Boost posts in your area

  3. Run creatives on your screens

  4. Share the post on Facebook and LinkedIn groups

  5. Contact news outlets and radio stations to run the story

  6. Get creative

Before you know it, people in your area will be interacting with your billboards. Will every person who participated in the free campaign become a paying advertiser? No, of course not. However,  you will receive good press, local recognition, and if anyone who participated in the campaign ever needs a billboard, you will be the only company to come to their mind. Find out who these people are; there are bound to be some business owners and professionals in the group. Approach them after the campaign, and they will already have a good first impression of your company, making them more likely to positively accept the information you provide them, and making them want to say YES to you.

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