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Reach Your Entire Area With Your Headlines

If you were to ask someone where they see current news stories, a majority of people would likely say indirectly by scrolling through social media or directly by watching the news. Billboards should be part of that answer, reaching those select people that may not scroll through social media or watch the news, but they likely drive.

Use Lucit to reach your entire area with your headlines. With the Lucit platform, you can easily promote your current headlines, edit them, and post breaking news on the fly. We can connect to your website to pull headlines, titles and photos, input them into a blank template, and generate a creative for those news’ headlines. Once the headlines are removed from your website, they are removed from your digital billboard campaign. Below is an example from a local CBS affiliate – TV News Station, the first one ever, to use Lucit to advertise their headlines on digital billboards.

Their campaign is generating up to 50 creatives a week without much work from their team, aside from them logging to choose which headlines they want to promote, which is as easy as clicking a plus icon next to the title. They have headlines running on weekdays and full-size creatives of their team members running on the weekends.

To start hitting EVERYONE in your area with your headlines, reach out to to discuss pricing, locations, etc. Be the FIRST in your area!


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