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Securing Automotive Spend

Lucit can secure automotive spend on your screens. Focus on what the auto dealers want to hear, not what you want them to hear.

  1. Tell them how they’ll be able to engage with their campaign on your screens. Auto dealers and anyone else who advertises in today’s world expects to be able to engage with their campaign because they can in every other place they advertise. They not only ‘want’ to be in control of their content, but they expect to be. Let them know that, unlike your competitors, you meet this expectation. With Lucit they can upload full-size creatives, post ads on the fly, control ad frequency, schedule creatives, and see real-time statistics whenever they’d like.

  2. Tell them you provide proof of play reporting and real-time analytics. Auto dealers are used to getting instant notifications from other forms of advertising that their ads are running, this many people are seeing their ads, this many people are clicking on their ads, etc. With digital billboards, they MAYBE receive a pdf report of plays 28 days after-the-fact; they have no idea if their ads are even running, without driving by the screen. With Lucit, you can provide them proof of play reporting with the ability to see plays and impressions for all ads, when ads last ran on a board and which board and they receive notifications when items are sold, when an ad receives its first play, weekly stats, etc. All of this combined makes them feel good and reassured about their spend on your screens.

  3. Instead of going in for the kill shot, offer them something budget-friendly. Sales reps tend to want huge contracts from auto dealers, because they have the budgets to afford it, but a small $500 contract can be so valuable. If they aren’t willing to spend $5,000 with you, they might be willing to spend $500 with you. Get them in your pocket. At least you will be a part of their budget. You will be their go-to billboard company when they are ready to spend more; you will have a relationship with them.

  4. Sell them plays. When auto dealers advertise online, for example, they buy x amount of plays for y amount of dollars. Yet you go to them and say would you like a slot for y amount of dollars? Then when they ask what a slot is, you tell them that they’re getting 1/8 of that billboard; it doesn’t sound very appealing. Go to them and say you can buy 40,000 plays a month for y amount of dollars. In your software, that means the exact same thing that you’ve been doing; you’ve just sold them one slot. However, it makes way more sense on their end than trying to explain what a slot means and it lines up with all the other advertising they’re doing that is selling them plays and impressions.


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