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Your Advertisers Might Surprise You

Give your advertisers the ability to upload full-size creatives whenever they wish, and they just might surprise you.

  1. Let them control their campaign with Lucit.

Not every advertiser will take advantage of this capability, but you’d be surprised how many will see the value in it. Here’s why it’s a good move as an operator:

  1. Whether they take advantage of the option or not, advertisers expect to have direct control of their advertising buys.

  2. Think about how many steps are saved by allowing advertisers to directly upload their own full-size creatives. Less time is needed from the graphic designer. Less time is needed from the sales rep and the advertiser, going back-and-forth over email to communicate the vision of the creative.

  3. Allows advertise to change their content on a dime. There was a retail store using Lucit last year and the morning of Black Friday, she must have suddenly realized what a good idea it would be, she uploaded a creative announcing that their store was open for the holiday and had sales going on. Had that store not been using Lucit to control their campaign, that creative probably would have never been posted because there may have not been someone available from the operator team to assist them.

Give them Lucit, and let your advertisers surprise you.


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