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Talk to your dealers about promoting their used cars - Lucit simplifies the process

What do dealers want to advertise?

Their used cars.

Talk to local dealers about how they can promote their used cars on your screens, automatically, like they do with and other websites. It’s simple. With a connection to their dealer management software, dealers can automatically generate creatives for any of their used vehicles currently for sale. As prices or photos change, or vehicles are sold, their billboards will automatically update.

Cars in a BMW car dealership parking lot
Dealership Parking Lot

Often dealers would like to advertise their used inventory, but don’t have the time. That’s why they are able to preset a rule (going to make an automotive-specific article about the set it and forget it option) such as ‘advertise only used vehicles under $20,000’ and their billboards will only promote vehicles that fit the rule.

Vehicle connectivity makes billboards more attractive to the automotive industry, in a competitive way that lines up OOH with online capabilities. Automotive billboards are changing; be the first sales rep to offer your local dealers the new way


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