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What is my Personal Profile and how do I get there?

In Lucit, every user has one or more profiles, and you use the Profile Switcher at the top-right hand side of your screen in order to select your working profile

You will have, at a minimum, a "Personal Profile" that is simply your full name that you signed up for Lucit with

In addition to this Personal Profile, you may have 1 more more Account Profiles (for Advertiser Accounts) and 1 or more Agency or Operator profiles if you work for a Marketing Agency or a Digital Billboard Operator or Screen Owner

How to Switch to your Personal Profile

To switch to your personal profile, click the menu at the top-right of your screen

From the Drop Down List, find your Name, and click on it

That's It! - You are now on your personal profile, so you can do things like view your account list, and edit your personal settings


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