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  • Connection to Dealer Management Software

    Connection to dealer management software Automotive dealerships are very familiar with the concept of third-party vendors connecting to their dealer management software.

  • Connect to Dealerships in a Few Hours

    We can turn around complete connectivity to most dealerships within a few hours. Once we’re connected, we can use that data to automatically generate creatives with their real-time inventory A contact at the dealership can login to Lucit whenever they wish to see a list of all their real-time This gives you a chance to see the process and understand how the connectivity works. Lucit representative will work with you to joint pitch the other dealerships in your area to get them connecting

  • Lucit Brings Inventory Connectivity to On-Premises Billboards

    With Lucit, sign owners can connect their data feeds to run inventory on their screens automatically. Lucit connects directly to data feeds to automatically generate creatives based on inventory. With Lucit's inventory connectivity, advertisers can streamline their billboard management process and and schedule their digital billboard creatives in real-time from their desktop or phone, and brings connectivity

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  • Lucit | News

    to announce its expanded connectivity with AutoRevo data feeds. is excited to announce its expanded connectivity with VAuto data feeds. billboard inventory connectivity software, is proud to announce an... excited to announce its expanded connectivity with Dealer.Com data feeds. to announce its expanded connectivity with RMLS data feeds.

  • Lucit | On Prem Signage

    Inventory Connected On Prem Signage Schedule a Demo As Easy As 1 Set up Lucit, connect your data source 3 Find a better way to use your time like connecting with a potential customer or fixing that darn printer Connection to Any Sign Integration between on prem signs and Lucit is easy. ​ Connecti on to Inventory Management Systems Lucit can connect to any inventory management system.

  • Lucit | Industry Inspo

    AUTOMOTIVE • Automated vehicle inventory connectivity • Hiring campaigns • Directions to dealership location Employees (like top sales person or employee of the month) • Monthly incentives REAL ESTATE • MLS listing connectivity or quotes • New homeowners • Open houses HEAVY/AGRICULTURAL EQUIPMENT • Rental equipment inventory connectivity need homes • Adopted animals • Searches for volunteers • Fundraising events RECREATIONAL • Inventory connectivity • Hiring campaigns • Holidays hours JEWELRY STORES • Jewelry inventory connectivity • Sales • Events

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