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Connection to Client Data

Lucit can connect to any inventory management system! By connecting to any inventory management system, Lucit's Real-Time Control empowers clients to sync billboard content with the current inventory status. This seamless integration enables real-time adjustments to billboard displays based on the actual availability of products, services, or promotions.

Primary industries that utilize Lucit include real estate, automotive, and agriculture.

We’ve worked with numerous data feed providers including

  • FlexMLS

  • DealersLink

  • CDK Global

  • HomeNet

  • Dealer Specialities

  • Paragon

  • CarsForSale

  • PX Automotive,

  • MLS

  • VINSolutions

  • Machine Finder

  • and more!

No inventory management system? No problem. Lucit’s post feature is perfect for other industries too such as retail or healthcare.


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