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3 Tips to Give Auto Dealers Advertising Amid the Inventory Shortage

Bare car lots are becoming the norm; consumers expect that their local dealerships are low on inventory due to the ongoing shortage that started in 2020. Help your automotive dealerships advertise effectively on your digitals, or use this knowledge to land new advertisers.

  1. Focus on the inventory that you do have, not the inventory that you don’t. Do not stop advertising your inventory because you have much less than normal. Continue to show your client base what you do have, keep them interested in the industry when many have started to lose interest because they feel there is nothing for them available currently.

  2. Run full-size creatives promoting customized vehicle orders. With the current industry situation, consumers are becoming more to open to the idea of placing a custom order, remind them that this is an option and might just be the best option for them.

  3. Stand out from your competition. Do things that they aren’t doing. Be the first in your area to promote your inventory on digital billboards. Be the first in your area to promote happy customers on digital billboards so you can be known as the dealership who puts their customers’ faces on billboards, how cool!

Visit here to learn more about how your auto dealers can use Lucit to easily promote their inventory, happy customers, and run full-size creatives in the same rotation.


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