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Billboards for Change

Now is the season of political campaigns.

Announce Upcoming Events

Politicians campaign all year round but as things heat up around this time of year, their advertising efforts do too. Use Lucit to get them on your screens. Using the + Post Ad button in the app, political campaign managers can make sure their potential voters know about events such as debates, meet and greets, parades, and even actual voting opportunities.

Promote Campaign News

They can also set up their website to connect directly with Lucit’s system so that campaign news is automatically shared on their billboard. Using filters they can decide which headlines they want to run and for how long. The frequency adjuster even gives them the freedom to decide if they want to allocate 50% of plays to one headline and divide the rest evenly among the other ones they are playing or any combination thereof.

Don’t Worry About Content

The post template feature makes posting to your screens as easy as posting to Facebook! And don’t worry about what they are posting, Lucit automatically filters content but operators can opt to manually approve creatives themselves before they go live so you can have peace of mind.

Real-Time Analytics for Real-time Politicians 

You might want peace of mind and these big budget spends, but Politicians want results and they want them in real-time- not at the end of the month. They need to be able to adjust and react to the fast-paced, ever-changing political climate. Real-time analytics gives them access to how many plays they’re getting, the number of impressions, and more. This information proves to them that your screens are money well spent and makes it easy for them to keep their campaigns active and relevant. This reinforces their decision to spend precious advertising budgets on your screens.

User Experience Will Keep Them Coming Back

Election season isn’t very long, but politicians start preparing far in advance and they run year after year. Whether their elections are once a year or once every four, they’ll come back when they’re ready to run again because you made it easy for them. They might even bring fellow politicians with them looking to spend their advertising budget on billboards made easy.


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