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Giving up control is scary, but necessary to keep DOOH relevant

It’s understandable why operators are hesitant to allow advertisers the control to upload their own creatives and post their own ads. Lucit has found that the best way to make operators feel comfortable with giving up control, is by also giving them control.

With Lucit, advertisers are able to:

  1. Upload full-size creatives

  2. Automatically generate creatives with a connection to their back-end inventory management system

  3. Post ads with just a photo and a caption

  4. Control ad frequency

  5. View real-time analytics

  6. Schedule creatives

With Lucit, operators are able to:

  1. Manually approve ads with various fine-tuning options such as requiring approval for all ads, only for ads by certain advertisers, certain posters, approve only automatic data feed ads but require approval for posted ads, etc.

  2. Take advantage of the Lucit Moderation and AI Ad Approver that passes all content through detection tools to attempt to detect anything from graphic content such as nudity and violence, to hate symbols and profanity.

Learn more about Lucit’s Moderation and Approval system at


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