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Looking to Secure Spend in Every Season?

Untapped off-season potential? The lawn and garden industry has an on and off season, which may mean short contracts and limited spend when it comes to their OOH campaigns, but with Lucit, that doesn’t have to be the case.

Share Services and Seasonal Recommendations

As seasons change so does lawn care. Easy on-the-go access to what’s playing on your screen means quick changes to match the seasons. Did the last bout of mid-summer hail wreak havoc on gardens? Put it on your billboard how you can help. Winter approaching? Let potential customers know what services they should be considering to protect their lawns before the frost and snow sets in.

Post Templates As Easy As Social Media

Have a picture-perfect job you want to share with your followers? A happy client? A new employee? Post it to social media! And, while you’re at it, put it on a billboard! Lucit’s post template makes it as simple as uploading a photo and typing a caption – just like you do for your social media. Except, everyone sees a billboard.

Hiring Campaigns

Seems like everyone is hiring these days. Job boards are full of job ads. Every company has an Indeed page for hiring – but not everyone has a billboard for it. Being able to put up and take down ads quickly from your phone means when you’re hiring you can post a position right away and take it down again as soon as it is filled. No hassle. This will come especially in handy when it’s time to hire seasonal workers and companies are competing for the same talent.

Stay Relevant Year Round

Advertising is about staying in the minds of potential clients, taking an off-season break before spring could be detrimental to the efficacy of your campaign. Unsure how to stay relevant year-round? Let your potential clients know what you’re up to during the off-season. We know you keep busy but do they? Make sure they know to get their gutters clean during the fall. Let them know if you put up Christmas lights or clear snow. If you spend the off-season preparing for spring then wish them well over the holidays and remind them when they should start thinking about lawn care for the upcoming spring so they’ll remember your name when the snow thaws. Use Lucit’s post tool to stay relevant and the statistics page to see just how many people you can still reach in your off-season.


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